I am Peyman Sarhadi, an Iranian inventor, entrepreneur, researcher and technologist and a member of the National Elite Foundation. I achieved the title of the top young man in Iran in 2012. The main areas of my work are in business development, new ideas, entrepreneurship and Commercialization.

I graduated from Allameh Tabatabai University of Tehran with a degree in Technology Management (Technology Transfer) and i am currently a PhD student in Economics (Financial Economics) at the University of Tehran. In recent years, most of my work has been related to inventions, research and studies in the field of new technologies.

Over the years, I have more than 50 inventions and published more than ten scientific papers. In the field of entrepreneurship, I have managed to set up several knowledge-based companies and start-ups, some of which are operating now. My main focus is on online businesses, especially blockchain.

In 2011, I won the silver medal at the World Invention Competition in Switzerland and the honorary diploma of that competition. It should be noted that fifty countries had been participated in that international festival.

In the same year and in the mentioned competitions, I was introduced as one of the prominent inventors by international scientific and news publications.

In 2011, I won the gold medal at the World Invention Competition in Germany. I also won the gold medal and badge of the Russian Federation of Inventors and the silver medal of the World Championships in Poland.

In 2013, I won a bronze medal for Croatian inventions, and in the same year, I was selected as the top inventor in Iran by the Ministry off Sports and Youth.

In 2010, I established the company of innovators and technologists “Mad”. Due to my scientific, research and production activities, in 2012, in addition to winning as the top inventor in Iran by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Sports and Youth, I also won country’s top entrepreneur by the Ministry of Labor.

I continued my scientific and research activities continuously until in 2013 I did win as best entrepreneur in the country in the industrial sector. By then, I was selected by the then Minister of Labor as the CEO and founder of the knowledge-based company “Innovators and Technologists of Mad” for commercialization activities.

The company whose main activity was in the field of production of technical engineering equipment. Over the past years, I have won numerous awards and titles in the fields of science and technology, most of which are in great importance of my scientific and innovative activities, including the awards for the best inventor, top researcher and scholar and top technician and entrepreneur.

In addition to creating and founding several companies, including “Argo Technology Development”, “Decamond”, “Uni Tech Academy” and “Forvin” and “Hamishe” applications and several products, applications and software in 2014, I prsented an article at the World Conference on Technology Management in the United States in the field of commercialization of inventions.

Also, I succeeded in creating the Iranian Technology Aquarium and establishing the Grand Prize for Iranian Inventions. Right now I spend most of my time learning new things because after years of effort and perseverance I realized I needed to learn more.

I do research and study, I think and I create new businesses and I try to be a better person for myself and the world around me because I strongly believed that in order to have a better world, each of us must become better human beings. And this can only be achieved through effort, research, study and then action. My interest is not limited to scientific topics. I also love poetry, literature, yoga, sports and travel.

My biggest concern in this world and these days is the children who do not have equal opportunities and conditions due to war, turmoil, poverty, racism, and so on.

In my opinion, children are the most innocent and no human being has the right to deprive them of food, entertainment and education anywhere in the world. Because of this, I have devoted most of my time to creating the right conditions for the development of deprived children, regardless of their color, race, religion and nationality. currently I am trying to create suitable conditions for Afghan children in Iran and I will definitely never give up this humanitarian duty. I hope the presence of each of us would make the world a better place.

As Kobayashi Issa said: ” A world of grief and pain
Flowers bloom
Even then